Wednesday, May 15, 2013

5/15/13 - Packing Up for a Wild Ride

Meet Thom - Author of the Award-Desiring Blog "Chasing Storks"  I would first like to thank both of my followers for supporting me all these years in my efforts to bring the amazing and intense world of "professional" storm chasing to the mere layperson - Thanks Mom!  Thanks Fluffy!

Please do not confuse me with those fake, head-in-the-sky tornado chasers.  I am one of you, the average Joe.  I use small letters in most of my words, and favor the easy-going Arial font.  My use of exclamation points is strictly limited to instances where excitement is the intended emotion, and not just to bring enhanced emphasis to otherwise common verbiage.  I never speak in the third-person except on the rare occasion when I am imitating Elmo.  I am not so insecure in my writing as to use spell-check more than once.

The emphasis on my blog (note the small "b") is not to impress you with outrageous and death-defying tales of severe storms and tornadoes;  because it rarely happens to us.  My focus is on the tedious, everyday trivialities that occur after we get out of bed and before we finish our second six-pack each evening.  My "chase" partner John handles that techy, geeky, weathery stuff.  I make the coffee. Sometimes John let's me drive too, when my meds are working.

My cleverly-named blog - "Chasing Storks" - is a clever play on words, mixing the seriousness of Storm "Chasing" with the wasteful endeavors of a wild goose chase.    It is clever.  I laugh every time I say it, even when impersonating Elmo.  I would copyright it, but I haven't a clue how... or why.  I read my blogs often.  Not because they are entertaining or informative, but simply to drive up my view count.   Stork, goose, same diff.

Future enhancements to this site will include a Paypal donation box.  These donations would not feed my already starving ego, but instead go to fund further research into my new app for chasing storms without actually leaving your house.  I can just see the look on a storm chaser's face, after spending a couple grand and weeks in the dry and dusty southwest chasing storms, when he/she finds out....there was an app for that!  (and its only 99 cents!... as Macklemore and Ryan Lewis would say).  I also make use of elipses - the triple-dot glyph - not because it is cute, witty and  teasing, but because I often lose my train of thought.  My train of thought is all caboose, no engine.

I need to pack now.  It won't take long.  I am a quick packer; mostly to annoy my wife, who sets aside 2-3 days for such tasks.   Me, maybe 12-14 minutes max.   I usually always forget something important.  Like the time I forgot my suitcase.  Dang, my clothes were all over aisle 19.  Then there was the time I packed BOTH of my cats by mistake.  I can see maybe packing one by mistake, but two?  I felt awful.   The poor TSA agent was not too pleasant about that faux pas either.

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