Friday, May 17, 2013

5/17/13 - Dorito on the ground!

Hiatus to Hyannus

 Not a whole lot happened today.  Not bad, but pretty much an EF1 day on the enhanced Fujita excitement scale.   While we did see a storm or two that could have produced a tornado, I think the main talking points to my wife that night were 1) We at an entire bag of Cool Ranch Doritos, 2) We stopped in a city named Hyannus (that city probably got teased a lot in grade school) and 3) We ate a late dinner at Applebees.

Okay, so that doesn't quite sound like the matieral for a thriller novel, but I am sure it will have more legs once the movie comes out.   Our Tour-de-Sand Hills chewed up an entire tank of gas while our windshield took out half the bugs in the panhandle.   We did see a dead raccoon hung up on a barb-wire fence.  I didn't even know they had raccoons in Nebraska.

We drove nearly 350 miles and ended up in exactly the same place.   I think next time we just sleep in and catch a movie and maybe a round of putt-putt.   Tomorrow is supposed to be much much better.  I am no meteorologist, but I know a lot of different colors and squiggly lines all over Kansas has to mean something good.  "Storms a brewin!!"  I love saying that, with a southern accent.  My two girls say it all the time when even a small shower is imminent.  They are funny that way.   Dad genes.

Just to ensure a good tomorrow we are sleeping at the Holiday Inn Express tonight.   That way when we catch a big ole tornado, my friends will ask if I have a PhD in Weather.  "No" I will say, but I did sleep.....

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